Headstrong Music is a concert agency, a local promoter and a PR Agency. If as booking agent we represent artists playing all styles of music (except classical and jazz), we are focused on heavy rock, metal and hard-core music when it is about promoting shows. Based in Lausanne, we represent Swiss and International acts in all over the country and produce shows in the French part of Switzerland only.

We are also responsible for media and marketing strategy for big events like Greenfield Festival.

Concerts production: we are the exclusive promoter of all metal shows at the Rocking Chair (around 10 shows/year) – this is a 600 capacity venue, a reference for the audience of Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux – www.rocking-chair.ch

But we are also working with other relevant venues in our region where we produce shows. Depending on band’s  fame and needs: FRI-SON – Fribourg (1300), The DOCKS – Lausanne (1000), D! – Lausanne (700), Romandie – Lausanne (300), Le Bourg – Lausanne (200), Bleu Lezard – Lausanne (150)

Recordings: we have also a record label, which has an international distribution (Season of Mist, Soulfood, Suburban)

Communication: we plan and do communication in the French part of Switzerland for many cultural customers (strategy-press/radio/TV-marketing-web), among them the Greenfield Festival et l’EJMA (Jazz School of Lausanne).

Some of the past / present projects in Metal:

Full Metal Evening at the Montreux Jazz Festival feat. Slayer and Soulfly, Epica, Karma To Burn, Brant Bjork, Pro Pain, Lyzanxia, Samael, Coroner, Triptykon, Obituary, Nile, Melechesh, Watain, Enslaved, Morbid Angel, Front Line Assembly, Shakra, Saxon, Nebula, Transport League, Special concerts for 10 years Anniversary of metal music on COULEUR 3 (Swiss National Radio), Wacken Metal Battle in Switzerland, Eluveitie, Greenfield Festival (Media PR and Marketing services – www.greenfieldfestival.ch), INFERNO Switzerland